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The Local Assembly of Christian Believers

We are glad you have stopped by and we trust that you are blessed by our website. 
Here you will find a short history of our church and links to a few aspects of what we do, including access, for registered members, to our services. We are a small group of Christians led by Pastor Ronald Nanton. 
We firmly believe in Jesus Christ as presented to the world by God's servant and prophet, William Branham. The Local Assembly of Christian Believers (LACB) was founded in 1980 in the capital city of Port-of-Spain and was then known as the Local Christian Assembly.  
We changed our name to the Local Assembly of Christian Believers (LACB) when we were incorporated in 2006. The LACB acknowledges the positive influence of Brother Joseph Coleman on the lives of its believers. He founded and pastored the Local Christian Assembly of New York for many years and went to be with the Lord in January 2012. He was ordained in 1963 by William Branham and his ministry has left a lasting effect on us and those of like precious faith. We hope that what your experience here may inspire you. 
God bless you!

The Second Coming of the Lord”, Jeff. In. 4-17-1957, Brother Branham: “When that time come, when the church finds its brotherly love, when the church finds its holy decency, when the church finds its place in Christ, it’ll call to the other members of the body, ‘Come and rejoice with us.’ God wants the church to love Him.”


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